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Picture Perfect Girl Hip Hop Dance groove with uptempo hard hitting beat. Self empowering lyrics.

Smile This is a 2008 release from versatile and gifted vocalist Monique Danielle. It was 2 years in the making and well worth the wait. It is positively the jewel in her recording crown, and features the best jazz musicians in KC. If you're going to buy only one of Moniques CDs, make it "Smile". You won't be disappointed

Resolution Universal appeal - that is the cornerstone of Monique Danielle's wide ranging career. Through a broad repertoire of musical styles, she has reached both young and old of all races, with her impeccable vocal skills. Check out "Resolution".
Monique Danielle Monique Danielle is is one of the hottest artists around. Her new album "Closer to Me" is climbing up the charts.
Christmas with Monique Check out Monique Danielle's incredible Christmas CD for some cheer in your holidays.
Hurricaine - Stressed
Hurricaine is new to the Markosa label. His CD "Stressed" is hot and available now.
Mutavi - Embrace It Mutavi Muema is a true reggae artist who is working hard to be a worthy successor to such great African reggae legends as Alpha Blondy and Lucky Dube. His first CD entitled "Embrace It".
M.U.T.A.V.I. Mutavi Muema's new CD entitled M.U.T.A.V.I. is so hot that distribution in his own country was denied to him because the fear of the truth he speaks.
Richard Held Richard Held has been performing since childhood. His skill at the piano moves well beyond ordinary. He is also a gifted writer and host of Kansas City's Living Room Show, as well as musical director for the Center for Spiritual Living, and a teacher. "Home"
Terrance O'malley - Red Bridge Blues The first release from KC's mainstay blues pianist. Terence O'Malley loves his old barrelhouse and stride styles, but he'll surprise you every now and again with something out of the blue. (pun intended). "Red Bridge Blues".
Terence O'Malley - Busted Knuckle Blues

Terence O'Malley is a piano player whose roots lie in "classical ragtime." His lastest CD is entitled "Busted Knuckle Blues".

BCR - "Speck of Dust"
"AfroNuclearWavabillyFunk-SwingReggaeTurskaBand" , it's as good a description as any. Led by the multi-reedist Rev. Dwight Frizzell, this group (the word "troupe" would also be fitting) proposes an endearing take on Sun Ra's cosmic jazz
Calypso Bluz Calypso Bluz is the duo of Cathy Conley and Julie Amen. They perform often in the Kansas City area and have gained a loyal following. Steel pan is at the heart of thier arrangements, and the vocal talent of Julie Amen is amazing.
Allaudin Ottinger Allaudin Ottinger is a teacher and student of the Sufi way. As a musician he is firstly a drummer. These are spiritual and non-spiritual songs that promote the good in the Everywhere and Always.
TRU BLU CRU Tru Blu Cru has a long history in KC and Jamaica. Their shows are always wild. Their sound is big and thumping. True to the Jamaican roots they share, all of the songs have just a taste of the island of roots reggae. XXX Flex.
Jim Cosgrove Jim Cosgrove - Children's Singer / Songwriter
Kid-rocker Jim Cosgrove has emerged as one of America's leading family entertainers.
Kenny Ray was one of the truly unique singers to ever come out of Kansas City. His contemporary Christian sound crossed over into the mainstream well and received generous airplay on local Christian radio. Check out "Hold on Strong".
In her Audio Book, Searching for My Heart, Downey investigates why she feels left out, returning to themes of alienation, shame, and the self-awareness that leads to love. Downey is a seeker on a quest for closeness. Every step in her search is a homecoming, where she discovers connection begins with herself. A book for anyone with a desire to belong.
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